We are a small company founded by three partners, Michela, Mariano and Pie. We share the passion for rock music and we became parents in the same period, facing the same problems and the same world of children’s clothes, whose offer does not satisfy us and does not represent our taste and that of our children.

Our idea was born from our everyday experience of parents and observation of the children’s clothing market, still very traditional and unimaginative, repetitive and always based on standard designs, repeating the same gender schemes (male / female) and always using the usual boring “bears and bunnies”.

“Our kids are not the ones who eat without getting dirty, or those who fall asleep if we sing a lullaby, they are not the perfect ones always in order who never make a whim.
Our kids are rock.
And these clothes are for them.”

If adults have endless opportunities to express their diversity and their taste, why kids can’t?

We therefore wanted to create something that represents us, personalizing and characterizing a line of products for kids (but also for parents) more demanding, more extroverted, who want to differentiate themselves because they are not satisfied from what is already available on the market.

So, basically, products for children and parents more “ROCK”.

Hence the idea of creating ROCK ME BABY .

Rock Me Baby manufactures clothing for children from 0 to 18 months , inspired by the rock tradition , the most influential artists and their look, paying tribute to musical genres and players in rock history.

Our goal is to revolutionize forever the way of dressing our kids!




**Our special thanks to Max Lorini for the logo, to Andra Handaric Studio for the designs and to Ciara Smyth for the translation.**